Economist & Associate Professor of Economics
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Econometrics and Data-Driven Analysis

Professor Noel is an M.I.T. trained empirical economist with decades of experience working with large and complex datasets. Professor Noel is skilled at using cutting-edge econometric and statistical techniques to reduce complex and messy data into simple and clear analyses.

Price Fixing

Professor Noel has substantial expertise in price fixing and coordinated effects issues. He has published extensively on price fixing issues, including parallel pricing, parallel behaviors, seemingly-simultaneous price changes, and other aspects of competitive markets that are often thought - and often incorrectly - to be evidence of price fixing.

Merger Analyses

Professor Noel is experienced in evaluating potential competitive effects from proposed mergers. He has extensive experience working with econometric merger simulations, merger simulation lite, upward price pressure, critical loss, cross-sectional and intertemporal benchmarking, SSNIP, and other advanced methods of evaluating potential mergers.

Other Antitrust Issues

Professor Noel has substantial expertise in other antitrust issues as well, applying a combination of economic theory and advanced econometric and statistical techniques to evaluate issues such as price discrimination, predatory pricing, refusal to deal, 2.305 matters, and other issues. Professor Noel has taught university courses on the economics of antitrust over the past several decades and has given seminars on various antitrust issues across the globe.

Oil & Gas Economics

Professor Noel is an expert in Oil & Gas competition and has published extensively on the topic. His pioneering work on dynamic gasoline price competition and gasoline price cycles is widely known and cited by economists and competition authorities worldwide. He has given seminars on his Oil & Gas research at universities and conferences on six continents. For the past twenty years, Professor Noel has worked with industry and government to assist them in understanding Oil & Gas industry competition, and he regularly discusses competition issues in the industry with the media.

Cross-Industry Expertise

Professor Noel has applied his econometric expertise and antitrust and merger expertise to a wide range of diverse industries including retail products, supermarkets, managed health care, pharmaceuticals, packaged software, payment cards, book publishing, online search, communications, auto manufacturing, and others.

Labor and Employment

Professor Noel also has extensive experience in a variety of labor and employment matters, including discrimination issues, wage and hour issues, pattern and practice issues, and damages. He regularly discusses current events in labor markets with the local and national media.

California Oil Platform

 Areas of Expertise

  • Antitrust
  • Mergers
  • Oil & Gas
  • Labor & Employment
  • Econometrics & Statistics
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Large Datasets

Antitrust Areas

  • Price fixing
  • Market division
  • Price discrimination
  • Predatory pricing
  • Resale price maintenance
  • Tying and bundling
  • Foreclosure
  • Exclusive dealing
  • Refusal to deal
  • Contracts
  • Damages

Merger Areas

  • Merger Simulation and Merger Simulation Lite
  • Upward Price Pressure
  • Benchmark Analysis
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Market Definition and SSNIP

Labor and Employment Areas

  • Wage discrimination
  • Pattern and Practice
  • Wrongful termination and workplace injury damages